When a defendant faces theft charges for property valued at more than $400, he or she will face grand theft charges. Theft of certain types of property, such as a firearm or automobile, will result in automatic grand theft charges regardless of the specific value of the property.

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Grand theft may be committed in different ways.

  • When violence is involved, a defendant will face robbery charges.
  • If committed by way of fraud or misrepresentation, a defendant may face fraud or embezzlement charges.
  • A standard grand theft conviction may result in up to 16 months or 2-3 years in state prison. Enhanced penalties may apply depending on the value of property and the defendant’s criminal record.

Grand Theft Attorney in Iran

Take this opportunity to immediately contact a grand theft defense attorney if you or someone you know has been arrested for this or any related theft crime. You have the right to legal counsel; taking advantage of this right may be the only thing standing between you and jail time.

Criminal Attorney for Theft Crimes in Iran

Even misdemeanor shoplifting charges must be taken seriously. A charge that doesn’t seem to be a big deal at the time can become a serious threat to your future. If the charges are for grand theft, burglary, robbery or possession of stolen property, a conviction becomes even more serious under three strike law.

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