14 May 2019

Iran’s judiciary chief visits flood-hit Golestan Province

Iran’s judiciary chief, in a visit to flood-hit Golestan province, has said that our priority is to estimate the amount of flood damage and to determine how much to pay to those whose properties and businesses have been damaged by floods.

Iran press/Iran news: After his arrival in the city of Gorgan, the provincial capital of flood-hit Golestan in northern Iran, judiciary chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said that our priorities is to estimate the amount of damage caused by floods, and how best and how much compensation to pay to flood victims, and another priority is to determine how to limit the damage caused by floods.

The head of Iran’s Judiciary Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi is scheduled to visit the flood-stricken towns of Aqqala and Gomishan, and surrounding areas, and talk to the flood-stricken local people.

Raisi will be briefed on the latest efforts to drain and pump out floodwaters from towns and villages, as well as how aid and relief is being distributed among flood victims.

The unprecedented rainfall in the last two weeks and the ensuing floods in various regions of north, west, south and southwestern Iran have caused a lot of damage and displaced tens of thousands of people.

Resettlement of flood-hit people began immediately after the floods, and relief efforts continue to be made with the government, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the army and Basij (volunteer) forces actively helping flood victims. Volunteers have also been deployed to flooded areas.

The Forensic medicine organization of Iran declared on Saturday that in 13 flood-stricken provinces of Iran a total of 70 people have lost their lives as a result of recent flooding.

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