Iranian Defense Lawyer

Here is an Iranian defense lawyer, educated at Iran, and active in the Iran courthouse every day. Dealing with different judges, prosecutors, police officers and corrections officers, he knows how to defend a criminal case. He knows how to work the system and what it takes to get cases dismissed quickly. It is not only what you know it’s who you know.

If you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony or other crimes, We will begin representing you immediately. The most important part of any case is the first few days. You need a criminal lawyer who knows the prosecutors, who is able to talk to them right away, present evidence, and explain why your case is not worth pursuing.

The earlier you hire us, the greater chance we have of getting your case completely dismissed.

The consequences of a conviction in Iran can be devastating. Even first time arrests can lead to jail time, time in state prison, thousands of dollars spent in fines, life long criminal records, loss of employment, time away from family, deportation, and loss of your liberty. It can be frightening, especially in the beginning.


The Police will mostly likely bring that person to a local police station for questioning and processing. It is most important that an Iranian defense lawyer officially invoke this person’s right to remain silent. Without a lawyer present, police often continue asking questions until they get the answer they want.

The person arrested will next be where they will be booked and held. At this point, a criminal lawyer can help arrange an agreement with a bonds man or bail bonds company to get your loved one released.

Within twenty four hours, the person arrested will be brought to a special room at the jail, where they will appear, via TV screen, in front of a judge who will review the police paperwork. A criminal attorney should appear at this hearing, to see if the police had probable cause to make an arrest and, if so, to get the bond lowered or removed.

Sometimes the judge will place a “hold” on the person’s bond and your lawyer needs to be there to get this hold removed.


The time between the arrest and the Arraignment is the most important period in the case, and it usually lasts 21 days. This is the time to have your defense attorney speaking with the prosecutors and providing your side of the story. Do not wait until you are officially charged. The window will close.


If you were arrested after a business conference or arrested as a tourist, you need to get home right away. The jails are a terrible place. Often we can get you out within hours of arrest, and even represent you after travel back home.

Sometimes, you will never even need to appear in court.


We focus exclusively on cases, specializing in Drug charges, such as Cocaine Trafficking, Molly Trafficking, Cannabis Trafficking, Drug Sales, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Grow Houses; Crimes of Violence, such as Domestic Violence, Battery, Felony Battery, Aggravated Battery; DUI; Sex Crimes, including Sex Battery and Prostitution; federal crimes; Robbery, weapons, and fire arms cases, Felon in Possession of a Firearm; Probation Violations, and the full range of felonies, misdemeanors, and federal crimes.

We offer one initial consultation with low cost, so contact us today. Because of the number of people contacting our lawfirm, it is recommended that you call ahead to schedule an appointment.